Most popular anti-viruses

Anti-virus are the protection system of computer and servers from different malware, virus, Trojan, worm, spy-wire etc. The main objective of these anti-viruses is to protect your PC from them and heal the infected or corrupted programs. All the anti-viruses don't offer the same features but the functions are almost same. A Powerful virus should protect you all the time, mentioned its database must be updated without tweaking your windows and give protection from most of the malwares. We've selected 6 best anti-virus softwares of the year 2010 for your windows, which have been tested under 19 types of scanners and here is the test analysis.

1. Norton:

Symantec's Norton Anti-virus was always excellent to detect and remove malware. Though previously it was being blamed for declining system performance, the newer versions have changed those days. Current users are getting very good performance both with the anti-virus and the internet security system. Now they are attracting new users providing free update for the newer versions and computers. This AV supports all the windows O/S currently available. It also offers identity protection as well as network mapping.

2. Kaspersky:

The kaspersky Anti-virus system is widely popular for its success rate of detecting Trojans and other malwares spread form web and emails. The internet security version of 2010 has been found to detect the highest numbers of malwares in different tests (5.5/6.0). It runs pretty much well on older PCs and Netbooks. That's why it has been chosen in the best pick list of the most appreciated anti-virus for its overall performance around the globe.

3. Avira:

The Anti-vir from Avira is a very light AV program that detects malwares very quickly and takes multiple daily updates. It also supports windows O/S like 7, vista, xp and even 2000 me as well as netbooks. It has a free version for economic users providing moderate protection. It will protect you only when you visit a site and download from it which has got known malwares even if you hadn't blocked the site. The paid or premium version has got much more features and secured protection. But, sometimes it creates mal-functioning during un-installing.

4. AVG:

AVG anti-virus system has got neat looks, easily usable interface and most importantly Protection capability against over 88.7% of malwares spread through web and Emails. But it lags in removing infected and existing malwares. That's why its root-kits or stealth malware detection was found 100% but removal rate only 57%. It has also got a 'Free Version' but that is not capable of detecting root-kits, accessing faster servers for updates and enabling Game mode which are available on the Premium version. Its overall score was ok with 5.0/6.0 in the usability & performance section.

5. Panda Free:

Panda's free cloud anti-virus program is quite popular for its On-demand scanning and live protection system. It gives you a light and fast experience taking all your PC's processing power. Though the free version has got lacking which are not as powerful as other AV softwares, its paid version is much more powerful with some extra feature like 24/7 customer support. It supports O/S like windows 7, Vista and XP.

6. BitDefender:

Our last pick for the top listed anti-virus is BitDefender. So, far it has the best free end-user version among others that offers On-demand Scanning, Scheduled scanning and malware removing features. The Paid version is featured with additional real-time Protecting and some other boosted options. It can also be installed in Windows 7, Vista and XP. The free version can work in windows 2000 too. The protection can be said above average.